Our Company Standards


  1. First we believe that listening to our customers to help us understand who they are and building a relationship with them is most important.
  2. Educating each client on industry standards and products so they can make the best possible choice for their lifestyle and budget.
  3. We always give more than we promise or say we will do on the contract, in product and customer service.
  4. We take you through every step, from planning to making each selection. We will help you narrow down the choices available, from the beginning of the project to completion.
  5. 100% completion of each project is what we expect before collecting the final payment. 
  6. Every client is a happy client and ready to show off their home or give testimonials. Not many, if any, companies can say this!
  7. Each client receives a free gift with their new Kitchen; they are always so surprised! We really appreciate our clients.
  8. We are very detail oriented; we plan out each item prior to giving you an estimate. When we say we can do something, we can!
  9. We sweat every detail on every project start to finish every time, no exceptions!
  10. Our installers have passed our strict standards for workmanship and job site conduct.
  11. Show up, return calls, and do the work, absolutely we do!
  12. There will always be surprises that arise when it comes to remodeling. We handle those issues without alarming the client and we bring solutions to the table to get the situation handled!
  13. Our clients say we exceed their expectations! Just as our tagline states, “Exceeding our clients expectations everyday,” for a reason.
  14. Going out of our way to bend over backwards for each client. It’s what we do that makes us who we are!
  15. Hand drawings are a specialty in this industry and our clients rave about how clear and easy they are to understand. We can provide 3D sketches or computer generated drawings for those who need help seeing the big picture.
  16. Trust is important to us; many clients give us the keys to their home and allow us to do the work while they are gone. Some even let us keep the keys to show off our work whenever we want.